Certified organic plants, vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers


How much produce can I expect?

The great advantage to our CSA, is that you get to choose exactly what you want from week to week.  There are no limitations!

For a list of vegetables grown and their availability, click here.

How does the Market style work?

It's quite simple.  You shop like you would a customer at a market stand.  We calculate the price of the produce you have selected and mark it down under your name in a ledger.  You simply initial the amount  and you're set.  We will let you know from week to week what your balance is.


What if I go on vacation?

No problem!  By doing a ledger system, you don't have to worry about missing out on a share if you miss a week.  Your balance only changes if you shop with us at the Meade Market.  You have 27 weeks to spend your $525, so you get to determine how you want to use it!

Why this model?

After doing several different types of CSA, we tried this model out in 2017.  This model allowed much more flexibility on the shareholders end, and we were rewarded up front with a payment and commitment.  It allowed for folks to get exactly what they wanted, and the freedom to miss weeks but not miss out on the value.  It was a real win-win!

2018 pick-up locations


at meade farmers market

3-7 p.m. every wednesday

from may 24th-october 4th

now accepting 2018 registrations!

Click here to make a payment

2018 csA

Whisper Hill Farm's CSA program takes place on Wednesdays at the Meade Farmers Market in Charlottesville from May through October (27 weeks).  Our CSA is a market style CSA which allows the shareholder to choose what they get each week. 

Shareholders pay $450 to us in advance and we credit their account with $525 dollars ($75 credit from us which is approximately a 16% discount).  Shareholders can spend their $525 anyway they would like to at the Meade market and have 27 weeks to use up their credit.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually beneficial relationship between the farmer and the community of people who receive the produce.  Members purchase a share (usually before the growing season begins) and in return receive a weekly supply of fresh seasonal produce.